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14 minutes 16mm (1990)

A man struggles with guilt and desire in a series of strange nocturnal encounters.

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by Osceola Refetoff

Protagonist - Paul Sarnoff
Ticket Clerk/Doctor/Witness - Terry Jamison
Priest/Defense Attorney - Gene Borio
Policeman/District Attorney - Paul Carson
Little Girl - Rachel Davidson
Woman on Bed/Nurse/Witness - Linda B. Jamison
Father/Judge - Alan Charof
Grandma/Maid - Nancy Alamo
Barber/Judge/Bellboy - Roger Ely
Barbershop Customer/Guard - Steven L. Goldberg
Director of Photography - Teo Maniaci
Production Designer - M. Kunes
Art Director - Binda Colebrook
Costume Designer - Traci DiGesu
Original Music - John Gromada
Title Animation - Eugene Salandra
Snake Animation - Dean Kalman Lennert

New York University First Run Film Festival – Best Production, Producer, Screenplay, Lighting, Cinematography, Art Direction & Sound Design Awards (all 1st Place)
Warner Bros Fellowship Award
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers – Eastman Kodak Award for Excellence in Cinematography
Award Winner/Jury Selection: Arte Contemporaneo Exhibition of Experimental Cinema (Madrid), Bilbao Int’l Festival of Documentary & Short Film, Canadian Int’l Film Festival, Carolina Film & Video Festival, Charlotte Film & Video Festival, Chicago Int’l Film Festival, Cincinnati College Film Festival, Fine Art Film Festival (Venice, California), Houston Int’l Film Festival, Rochester Int’l Amateur Film Festival, Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival

Broadcast: PBS (National USA), Canal Plus (France), TV-1 (Spain)