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Keywords:#ospix, Osceola Refetoff, Plaza de Toros El Toreo – Tijuana Mexico – 1998, after the fight, black & white photography, doorway, full frame, graphic, human trace, international, medium format film, peeling paint, shadow, sign,
Plaza de Toros 'El Toreo' – Tijuana, Mexico – 1998


The project "After the Fight" combines my interest in portraiture with the bittersweet appeal of documenting a disappearing way of life. I see a quiet nobility to the resolute, dignified way the butchers pursue a profession that is anachronistically brutal and viscerally dramatic. Captured on medium format film, these photographs invoke the great WPA photographers whose use of conventional fine-art techniques in depictions of hard labor challenged and expanded the role of portraiture in modern society. Presenting this portfolio in black & white also diffuses the bloodiness of the scene, highlighting the human element and encouraging a more nuanced contemplation of tradition vs "progress."

The series was captured in two Tijuana arenas, Plaza de Toros Monumental and Plaza de Toros 'El Toreo.' Built in 1938 by the Empresa Taurina de Tijuana, the latter was demolished in 2007.

Plaza de Toros 'El Toreo' – Tijuana, Mexico – 1998

Archival pigment print from full-frame, medium format film exposure.