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SEA OF CHANGE - Click arrows in upper left corner to view FULL SCREEN

Single-channel video with original audio, 8 minutes – 2023-24
Writer, director, producer, cinematographer: Osceola Refetoff

All earthbound video, color infrared photographs & drone photography: Osceola Refetoff
Space images and graphics courtesy of NASA
AI video generated from images captured by Osceola Refetoff, with seven shots "created" using prompt-based AI

The film’s original soundtrack is written and performed by award-winning composer Paul Cantelon with Canadian electronic music duo Sultan + Shepard. The initial 2023 iteration was edited with Juri Koll. Sea of Change is envisioned as a perpetual work in progress that will evolve with each new set of images and data. In the spirit of film director Kenneth Anger and the immortal words of Marcel Duchamp, the project will ever remain “definitively unfinished,” and therefore future site-specific presentations will differ slightly from its original 2023 incarnation.

All Arctic images were captured in Svalbard (Norway) near the North Pole during a 15-day The Arctic Circle Artist & Scientist Residency aboard the tall ship Antigua in October 2022. Edited and first presented during a Building Bridges’ Artists & Scientists Residency in collaboration with Dr. Eric Larour, scientist and manager of NASA's Earth Sciences Division at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and made possible in part by the Getty Marrow and Broad Diversity programs, the City of Santa Monica, and the Lancaster Museum of Art & History.

© Osceola Refetoff 2023-24
Follow the project: @ospix


Building Building Art Exchange – Santa Monica, California (Premiere)
Chungking Studio – Los Angeles, California
Kipaipai Artist Workshops – Ojai, California

LA Art Show – Lancaster Museum of Art & History / DIVERSEartLA – Los Angeles, CA
Marks Art Center – College of the Desert – Palm Desert, California
Melissa Morgan Fine Art – Palm Desert, California
Maude Kerns Art Center – Eugene, Oregon
Fine Art Film Festival – Venice, California
Kose Gümnaasium – Kose, Estonia

The Getty PST ART: Art & Science Collide – Santa Monica, CA – Sep 2024