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Rob K. & Tony C. - Infrared Exposure with Movie Lights - Hollywood CA - 2009


Comprising many variations of portraiture – commissioned, candid, studio, personal, travel, and environmental – this is by far my largest and most unruly portfolio, reflecting my fervid curiosity with our species in all its tumultuous forms of self-expression.

Rob K. & Tony C. - Infrared Exposure with Movie Lights - Hollywood, CA
2009 - First printed: 2013

Capturing portraits in infrared light involves long exposures that require subjects to stay still for several seconds. This tends to make them pose in specific ways, creating body language reminiscent of vintage photographs from the late 19th century when less photosensitive media meant that people had to pose for longer than we are used to today.

This image was made in my neighbor Tony C's apartment. The occult arrangements you see in the background are part of his everyday décor.

Round Hole, Square Peg 2 - Photo LA - Los Angeles, CA - 2016
Out There - Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 - 2013