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It's an all-city time, with work currently on view in three exhibitions across Los Angeles County: Personal Vacation at Gallery 825 in West Hollywood (thru December 1), Boulevard of Broken Dreams at The Six in Calabasas (thru November 15), and the epic, must see Art in Place at the Newberry Lofts in Long Beach (by appointment thru December 17).


Trailer at Hot Creek - Mammoth Lakes, California - 2012Trailer at Hot Creek – Mammoth Lakes, California – 2012The Long Valley Caldera was created by a great volcanic cataclysm. For this image, I used my hand to partially shade the window so that the trailer interior shows through on one side and the desert landscape is reflected in the other. I love this type of in-camera alchemy, particularly the way the light switch seems to hover between the two spatial planes, furthering the illusionistic character of this absolutely real image.
Trailer at Hot Creek - Mammoth Lakes, California - 2012


And that's not all! This Saturday, LAUNCH LA, in partnership with Avenue 50 Studio, presents Seismic Shift - Confronting Catastrophe curated by MacKenzie Stevens of the Hammer Museum. The thought-provoking exhibit opens in Highland Park on November 11, 6-9pm (thru December 2).



ICE/AMMO - Mojave, California - 2016ICE/AMMO – Mojave, California – 2016For over 30 years, the ICE/AMMO sign called out to photographers and gun enthusiasts along the main highway. It was destroyed in a windstorm not long after I made this exposure.

ICE/AMMO - Mojave, California - 2016

So what will you be exhibiting at your place? Perhaps a dramatic vision of the Eastern Sierra directly below Mt. Whitney. Your Photo of the Month is available for purchase directly from Chungking Studio at 20% off in either 17x22” or 24x36" limited edition prints (thru November 30).


Mule Train Winds through the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, California - 2013Mule Train Winds through the Alabama Hills Outside Lone Pine, California – 2013This image was captured from muleback during an eight-hour leg of Metabolic Studio's 100-mule, 233 mile trek to mark the 100th anniversary of the L.A. Aqueduct. Bringing water to a growing metropolis, the gravity-powered feat of civil engineering deprived the Owens Valley of its agricultural potential and drained Owens Lake, creating the largest single source of particulate pollution in the United States.

In recent years, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power was compelled to undertake a massive restoration project to successfully abate toxic dust storms. Tension persists between the residents of the Owens Valley and the LADWP, which continues to control the valley's water through its ownership of a land area in the region larger than the City of Los Angeles itself.

Permanent Collection: Lone Pine Film History Museum – Lone Pine, California
Outdoor Writers Association of California – Best Outdoor Photographic Series
KCET Artbound –
Riding Along the Aqueduct with 100 Mules – Oct 2013

Mule Train Winds through the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, California - 2013




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