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Desert Vista - Cinco, CA - 2009


Normally such a flat, empty horizon would be difficult to find in the Mojave Desert. This view is from a discarded trailer home on an abandoned farm where the earth had been stripped clear for alfalfa production. Things grow slowly in arid climes, so the landscape had yet to be reclaimed by creosote bushes and other drought-resistant flora.

Much of my focus is on the remnants and future of human activity across the deserts of the American West. Images of these parched lands are part of America’s cultural DNA — icons of great hope and ambition. Against these grand ideals exists a patchwork of struggling communities, dreamers, dropouts, and military-industrial compounds scattered across vast open spaces. These photographs explore how the “window” functions as not only a literal/architectural, but also as an optical/aesthetic and narrative/symbolic structure in framing the story of our desert landscapes. You can explore more about the series and this particular image here:
Boom: a Journal of California - Framing the Desert - Summer 2015

Desert Vista - Cinco, CA - 2009
First printed: 2011

It's a Mess Without You - Solo Show – Porch Gallery - Ojai, CA - 2017
Artillery Magazine - Feature Story by Betty Ann Brown - 2017
High and Dry (3-Person Show) - FAB-Gallery - Santa Monica, CA - 2016
Museum Tour (Solo Show) - Venice Institute of Contemporary Art/Gypsy Trails Gallery - Torrance Art Museum - 2015
Uniting the World Though Art - LA Art Show/Arts District Alliance - 2015
Solo Exhibition - Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 - 2014
The Life of Things - SCA Project Gallery - Pomona, CA - 2014
The Lucie Foundation - Art Platform Los Angeles - 2011
A Place in the Sun: Picturing California - curated by Audrey Landreth - Hi-Lite Studio/MOPLA - Los Angeles, CA - 2011

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