Osceola Refetoff | Pinhole Images | "Entrance - Good Evening" - Drive In Theater - Muskegon, MI - 2010

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"Entrance - Good Evening" - Drive In Theater - Muskegon, MI - 2010

"Entrance - Good Evening" - Drive In Theater - Muskegon, MI - 2010

Pinhole Exposure - First printed: 2011

The soft, dreamy rendering of my pinhole rig seems perfectly suited to this nostalgic Midwestern scene cut straight from a Norman Rockwell painting. Working drive-ins are becoming a thing of the past, but not here in this small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. A 32-second exposure was required to let enough light through the tiny, pinhole-sized aperture, but first I waited for a vintage car to pull in and complete the composition. I especially like the graphic signage, the streaking taillights, and the blurry figures inside the booth.

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