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Keywords:@ospix, #ospix, arctic, art exhibit, artist residency, Building Bridges Art Exchange – Shifting Landscapes: Sea Level Rise in Los Angeles and Beyond – 2023, building bridges artist and scientist residency, color photography, dji mavic 3, drone photography, eric lerour, film, international, marisa caichiolo, Moon Under Virgo Bay – Virgohamna Danskøya Svalbard – 2022, NASA Sea Level and Ice Group, norway, Osceola Refetoff, paul cantelon, photography exhibition, Plan B, santa monica CA, sculpture, sea level rise, spitsbergen, svalbard, the arctic circle artist and scientist residency, tiny planet, travel, video, virgo bay,
Shifting Landscapes: Sea Level Rise in Los Angeles and Beyond –  2023

Shifting Landscapes: Sea Level Rise in Los Angeles and Beyond – 2023

Building Bridges Art Exchange Artist and Scientist Residency Exhibition in collaboration with Dr. Eric Larour, supervisor: NASA's Sea Level and Ice Group – Curator: Marisa Caichiolo – Santa Monica, California – Sep 9 - Oct 28, 2023

Plan B, recycled chairs, wood, milkcrate, nails, wire, coat hangers – 2023.

The chair on the ground represents current sea level at Santa Monica Pier, just over two miles (3.5km) from the exhibition site. The chair on the milkcrate sits 0.89 ft (0.27m) above, the low range for projected sea level by the year 2120. The chair on rickety stilts shows the intermediate projection of 4.17 ft (1.27m), and the highest chair at 8.77 ft (2.67m) illustrates the mean high projection for sea level in 2120, less than 100 years from today. Each elevated chair depicts a possible outcoming that depends on future rates of human CO2 emissions.

Photo: Moon Under Virgo Bay – Virgohamna, Danskøya, Svalbard – 2022

Both the photo and video images were captured during The Arctic Circle Artist & Scientist Residency aboard the barkentine ship Antigua – October 2022