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First, I'm beyond pleased to announce a solo show in February 2017 at the Porch Gallery Ojai. Heather Stobo and Lisa Casoni have created a special community up there, and I'm delighted to work with them.


Remains of the Fruitland Fire – Dawn – Thermal, California – 2016Remains of the Fruitland Fire – Dawn – Thermal, California – 2016BACK TO IMAGES

Window View of Fruitland Fire Remains - Dawn - Thermal, CA - 2016


I'm also developing a High & Dry installation at the Museum of Art & History in Lancaster, CA with my collaborator Christopher Langley for April 2018. The program also features the fearless multimedia artist Cristopher Cichocki and iconic Lita Albuquerque.

Speaking  of MOAH, and of Cris Cichocki, this weekend I'll be racing across the desert from a high tea preview of the exceptional new shows in Lancaster (fancy!) to the Palm Springs Art Museum for Saturday's Open Desert multimedia extravaganza curated by Cichocki and featuring my photography, along with many other talented artists. #mividaloca


Cement Truck on Highway 395 South of Bishop, CA - Infrared Exposure - 2016


Along the way, I'll be exploring the wonders of "invisible" light. I just got my hands on a "hot sensor" rig that not only sees the visual spectrum, but deep into the infrareds and ultraviolets. It's hard to communicate my genuine excitement about the new direction my photographic practice is taking. I should note that this particular device is "available to US military and law-enforcement agencies only."

What could possibly go wrong?


Boarded-Up Farmhouse - Infrared Exposure - Bishop, CA - 2016


Finally, I'm experimenting with looping my photo adventures into mini clips and distributing them on Vine with the eventual plan to assemble them into a longer form, wide-format, Ultra HD movie. Take that, NYU Grad Film! But not to worry, you old school "squares," OSPIX is still on Instagram as well. ;)



Freight Train Passing Under Highway Overpass - Mojave, CA  #myfirstvine


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