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February may be the shortest month, but here at Ospix, we are making the most of every moment!

My solo show at Porch Gallery - Ojai opens Saturday, February 18, 5-7pm. It’s a Mess Without You will feature new work from my Desert Windows series and runs February 16 - March 26. If you'd like to stay in town, please plan ahead (you can contact Porch for assistance with accommodations). The gallery also hosts weekly #seeyouontheporch gatherings on Sundays 10am-2pm. I’ll be hanging out there the Sunday after the opening, February 19.


Window with Wire & Tiny Cloud – Cinco, California – 2009Window with Wire & Tiny Cloud – Cinco, California – 2009First printed: 2017 (single exposure/not composited)

Just printed: Window with Wire & Tiny Cloud - Cinco, CA - 2009

The solo show comes amidst a flurry of winter exhibitions – a total of eight events between January 12 - March 1 – with upcoming California openings in West Hollywood (Feb 11), Indio (Feb 24), Santa Barbara (March 1), and Palm Desert (March 12).

The Indio and Palm Desert shows are official parallel programming for the highly anticipated Desert X land art biennial. All the details are on my website’s freshly updated Exhibition Calendar. Perhaps I'll see you at one of the venues!


Man with Upset Chair (Self Portrait) – Lone Pine, California – 2016Man with Upset Chair (Self Portrait) – Lone Pine, California – 2016First printed: 2016

Created for the exhibition GUNS, this image addresses the romantic mythology of the American West – a cinematic reverie of pioneers, cowboys, and lawless individual freedom. Essential to the nation’s cultural identity, these majestic lands are increasingly compromised, contested, and degraded.

Man with Upset Chair - Lone Pine, CA - 2016


The image above was created for the GUNS show this fall. A new, large-size print will be featured at Gallery 825's Make America exhibit opening February 11. The Photo of the Month (below) reflects this wonderful merry-go-round of a photographer’s life, and is available to collectors for 20% off the list price directly from Chungking Studio in limited edition prints through February 28.


Merry-Go-Round – Madison, Wisconsin – 2010Merry-Go-Round – Madison, Wisconsin – 2010Kinematic Pinhole Exposure – First printed: 2018

Merry-Go-Round - Pinhole Exposure - Henry Vilas Zoo - Madison, WI - 2010


The negative is comparable to the composer's score, and the print to its performance.

– Ansel Adams

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