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Keywords:#desertdispatches, #ospix, 18-wheeler, First printed: 2014, Osceola Refetoff, Sky Desert Truck – Infrared Exposure – Highway 395 Near Coso Junction CA – 2012, black & white photography, blur, ca highway 395, california desert, clouds, dark desert highway, desert dispatches, desert landscape photography, desertscape, desolate, eastern sierra CA, elmarit 24mm, fixed focus lens, flirting with disaster, freeway, graphic, handheld, high & dry: dispatches from the land of little rain, horizon, infrared photography, kcet artbound, kern county, leica m8, mojave desert, mountains, prime lens, road, saatchi art, sierra nevada CA, sky, tractor trailer, transportation, travel, truck, usa, viewscape, viewshed,,
Sky, Desert, Truck – Highway 395 Near Coso Junction, California – 2012

Sky, Desert, Truck – Infrared Exposure – Highway 395 Near Coso Junction, California – 2012

First printed: 2014

While clouds are integral to these images, they can be capricious in desert climes. I chased this majestic formation across the landscape, circling back to make multiple exposures. In this particular frame, all the elements line up in consummate balance – the foreground cloud shadow punctuating the horizon line, motion blur at the edges with sharpness towards the center, a couple of rectangular road signs placed just so – nature, human endeavor, and happenstance all convening to perfect advantage.