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GOODBYE 2014, HELLO 2015!


A Tree for All Seasons No.1 - Rosamond, CA - 2012A Tree for All Seasons No.1 - Rosamond, CA - 2012




As hard as it is to believe, it's already time for a look back at 2014 and a look ahead to a shiny, alarmingly imminent 2015. Where does all the time you go, you ask?

The year began earnest with my Solo Show at the Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825. The show was covered by the LA Times, LA Weekly, and the Huffington Post. Before long, all the prints were sold. (Don't worry though, photographs come in editions, so there may be a few more around the studio...)

Images of my adventure riding on Metabolic Studio's 100 Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct won the First Place Award for Best Outdoor Photographic Series from the Outdoor Writers Association of California. I love that all the photos were shot from mule back...


Mule Train Winds through the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, CA - 2013Mule Train Winds through the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, CA - 2013First printed: 2016

This image was captured from muleback during an eight-hour ride that traversed the Alabama Hills west of Lone Pine, California, with the Sierra Nevada mountains just south of Mount Whitney in the background.

To mark the L.A. Aqueduct's 100th anniversary,
Metabolic Studio led a 100-mule team along its 233 mile route from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles. Bringing water to a growing metropolis, the entirely gravity-fed feat of civil engineering also deprived the Owens Valley of its agricultural potential and drained Owens Lake, creating the largest single source of particulate pollution in the United States.

In recent years, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power was required to undertake a massive restoration project to successfully abate the dust storms caused by the creation of Owens Dry Lake. Tension persists between the residents of the Owens Valley and the LADWP, which continues to control the valley's water through its ownership of a land area in the region larger than the City of Los Angeles itself.

Scapes – 3-Person Exhibit Curated by Hayley Marie Colston – Unita – El Segundo, CA – 2018
First Place Award - Best Outdoor Photographic Series - Outdoor Writers Association of California - 2014
KCET Artbound Riding Along the Aqueduct with 100 Mules - Oct 2013

Mule Train Winds through Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, CA - 2013
First image: A Tree for All Seasons No.1 - Rosamond, CA - 2012


High & Dry, my collaboration with writer Christopher Langley, was launched to document the legacy of human activity in deserts of the American West. Our project is a regular feature on KCET's Artbound.

I was involved in some terrific exhibitions including POP Über Alles, curated by Timothy Potts of the J.Paul Getty Museum at Gallery 825; the four-person MOPLA show Fact + Friction with photographers Aline Smithson, Clay Lipsky and Mark Indig; West Hollywood’s Out There: I Do at LAAA; and The Life of Things at SCA Project Gallery in Pomona, reviewed in Rogue Art Research & Writing.

One hundred small prints from my Desert Windows Series were the VIP gifts for the Los Angeles Art Association Annual Benefit Auction.


Window with Creosote Bush - Dunmovin, CA - 2010Window with Creosote Bush - Dunmovin, CA - 2010First printed: 2014

Three miles north of Coso Junction off California Highway 395, Dunmovin served as a rest station for mule trains carrying silver ingots from the Cerro Gordo mines to Los Angeles in the late 1800s. Over the years, the town had a post office, service station, store, cafe, and tourist accommodations, but when I captured this image from an abandoned cabin, the businesses were all closed and NO TRESPASSING signs were posted along the perimeter.

A couple of years later I had the opportunity to meet the town’s owner, Robert Ray, who lived in a doublewide trailer towards the back of the forlorn property; this despite owning several valuable mining assets. Robert told me the town was named Dunmovin because, by the time he settled there, his wife was “done movin'.” I suspect the statement may, in part, be apocryphal.

Between Two Seas (Tra Due Mare) – MAAAC Museo Area Archeologica Arte Contemporanea – Cisternono, Italy – 2018
Scapes – 3-Person Exhibit Curated by Hayley Marie Colston – Unita – El Segundo, CA – 2018
It's a Mess Without You - Solo Show – Porch Gallery - Ojai, CA - 2017
Lucie Foundation - MOPLA Exhibition - Space 15Twenty - Hollywood, CA - 2017
Artillery Magazine - Feature Story by Betty Ann Brown - 2017
Museum Tour (Solo Show) - Venice Institute of Contemporary Art/Gypsy Trails Gallery - Torrance Art Museum - 2015
New Landscape Photography - Sept 2015
Boom: a Journal of California - Framing the Desert - Summer 2015
West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine - Premiere Issue - Winter 2014
The Life of Things - SCA Project Gallery - Pomona, CA - 2014
Solo Exhibition - Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 - 2014

Window with Creosote Bush - Dunmovin, CA - 2010


Further adventures include a journey to Kenya's Maasai Mara on Spacetime artist Jay Mark Johnson's project to document the Great Wildebeest Migration. The work is still being processed and a book will be forthcoming. You can follow the progress on our Facebook group.

Opening January 10, 2015, Chungking Studio will host a one-week pop-up exhibition featuring new work by talented local artist Lilli Muller, curated by critics Shana Nys Dambrot and Peter Frank.



Looking ahead, I'll be exhibiting work at photo la, the annual international photographic exposition in Downtown LA January 15-18. I may be able to get my hands on some passes, so please contact me after January 7th if you want to check it out.

And just received notice this morning that my photographs will be included in an Arts District Alliance collaboration with photographers from China participating in the L.A. Art Show. The work will be displayed during a three-day program at the MAMA and Art Share-LA galleries this January.  

I'm particularly excited about this opportunity, living and working in Los Angeles Chinatown.



Finally, a handsome set of 12 notecards featuring a selection of my images was licensed by Picky Print Production, Inc. I have a limited number of boxes available for sale at $25/box. Please contact us at info@ospix.com

So from all of us here at Ospix and Chungking Studio, we hope 2014 was brilliant, and wish you a happy holiday of your preference.




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